Most profitable staking coins

most profitable staking coins

By bitcoinflood the top 7 POS [ Proof Of Stake ] Coins for 2021. Cryptocurrency is an excellent way to earn passive earnings and POS provides just that while giving again protection to the blockchain for doing so.

#1 Tezos

This ICO coin raised over 232 million during it’s period of launch and is still one of the best staking coins. It offers a yearly fee of 6.20% or delegate it for 5.5%. However be warned if you stake on Coinbase they take a large 25% reduce of your staking rewards!

#2 Dash

Dash is one of the granddaddy cryptos that noticed it is moment to polish when it reached will over $1,000 returned in 2017/2018. You can both stake this coin with wallets together with ledger and has a reward rate of five.72% you want a massive amount of funds however to definitely stake this coin. You may want to run a masternode which is 1,000 Dash but at the choices rate of a bit over $three hundred per every you’re looking at $three hundred,000 + to run a node your self which might produce approximately $18,000 a 12 months in Dash Coins.

#3 Hive

Yes, Hive gives a POS gadget in which powering up your hive earns you passive hive tokens at about 3%- four% in keeping with 12 months. That’s not the choices handiest advantage however. By powering up your hive you can also earn curation rewards reading and vote casting on others articles.


This has been one of my personal personal favorites considering it is launch and can be staked on wallets together with Ledger Live, Atomic Wallet or Guarda Wwallet. A masternode charges 10,000 units or $five,seven hundred at contemporary prices.

#five Cardano

Cardano works incredibly like tron wherein you delegate out your tokens and earn a interest on them. This helps diverse projects in the workings on that platform through “voting” on them as witnesses in the network.

#6 Reddcoin

I always feel like Reddcoin gets omitted of the mixture. But it’s a solid solid and warfare examined platform. It’s a social tipping provider with a strong marketplace cap of 91 million and round 1 million in transaction quantity in step with day.

#7 Komodo

Komodo has long gone into advertising and marketing section which is continually an crucial step to getting your blockchain traction and rating. From this predominant chain projects can be created and host their very own token sales.

There are loads if no longer lots of POS coins. However you need to perform a little research into those you want to stake as you will become part of the choices network. It have to be a venture with a demonstrated song report, improvements, advertising and more. If all of these things are in area they you have got yourself a strong chain to begin staking on and helping aid.

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