Half round window treatments

half round window treatments

Half round windows are frequently visible in bay home windows or are used with steeply-priced stained glass in churches. They are seen in mixture with rectangular home windows starting up onto patios or decks. Half round windows may be visible at the choices top of staircases and balconies. More regularly than not, they’re visible without window treatments. There are instances, though, while privateness or an excessive amount of sun prevails and it enables to have a few form of treatment to cowl 1/2 spherical home windows.

Consider installing a twist rod at the choices top of the window and using it to hang a sash crafted from satin or velvet. Twist rods are established without hardware and may be made to fit maximum windows.

Hang drapes over the 1/2 round window, but to outline the arch, installation a pelmet protected with fabric to fit or coordinate with the drapes. Although a pelmet is just like a valance, in this case, it’s miles used to accent the line of the choices window and no longer used particularly to cowl window hardware.

Another option is to cling a straight decorative curtain rod throughout the choices pinnacle and above the choices arch. The curtain rod should be long sufficient that after the curtains are opened, the choices whole window will show. Choose a fabric a good way to accentuate the choices arch within the window when the drapes are opened. Lightweight and light-colored material including chintz or satin is a good preference because arched windows have a tendency to permit in lots of mild and these materials will upload to that beauty.

Measure the choices radius of the half circle of the choices window to and fro and from the choices center of the arch to the instantly side. Cut a chunk of mild fabric the width from the choices middle of the choices arch to the choices middle of the immediately area and two times the period of the choices radius, permitting 1 inch more for seams. Stick half of numerous pieces of Velcro on the window. Thread a chunk of cord the usage of a safety pin via one long end of the choices cloth and gather together. Working half of the window at a time, spread the choices gathers flippantly, pin, and sew the other 1/2 of the Velcro onto the fabric. Do the alternative facet of the choices window the choices identical way. Tuck the choices wire ends behind the fabric. When finished, the curtain should have a fan have an effect on.

Inside a residence, decorative wood shutters may be made to healthy interior a 1/2 spherical window with the aid of cutting a curve at the pinnacle of each rectangular half of. Outside, the equal curve can be cut to suit the out of doors edges of the window.